The Process Standard Offset (PSO) covers printing standards no 12647 of ISO and all different printing techniques from 1 to 7. Printing standardization ISO 12647-2 defines all processes providing standardization of manufacturing in "Layer Offset" or "Web Offset" printing machines covering pre-printing items. PSO has gained credibility in the international printing industry because of the collaboration of the German Printing and Media Union (BVDM), FOGRA and UGRA.

PSO determines goals in accordance with PSO for works printed through modern manufacturing techniques and equipment. Producers are expected to meet these goals in their manufacturing principles. To do this, we employ methods that allow optimization, control and auditing of pre-printing and printing processes by using densitometric and spectral measuring devices, colour control scales and visual aids prepared specially by organizations such as FOGRA. 

In this way, we aim to provide our customers with a completely reliable and sustainable high-quality service. By determining standard values in all processes we can also eliminate differences between working stations, while we can guarantee on-time delivery to our customers and proper repeatability of print jobs by measuring printing quality to ISO standards. Along with this certificate, one of our main priorities is to offer a high-quality rapid service tied to ISO standard values for our customers.

At Dizayn Etiket, we always give great importance to keeping our own quality standards at the highest level. We therefore consider the certification process as a valuable opportunity to improve our practices even further and to use this process as a way of guaranteeing perfect printing results from our print department. The ISO 12647-2 certificate will provide additional reassurance that we will continue to observe our customers' high standards.