Taklit Karşıtı Önlemler

Nowadays, almost all well-known brands are being counterfeited. After all the effort, time and money spent to establish a brand, it is very annoying to see someone illegally benefitting from your brand’s value by selling counterfeits of your products.

Counterfeit goods not only reduce the revenue of the brand owners but they also reduce the brand’s value, so your brand’s value is directly related to the efforts you make to protect your brand. 

Most counterfeiting occurs within the supply chain, so it is critical to keep your manufacturers under close control. 

To help you, we at Dizayn Etiket have now developed woven anti-counterfeit labels with sequential numbers on them. This not only makes it easier to defeat counterfeiting. It also allows you to give a unique identification to each individual garment that you make. 

We have also developed a web based system for brand owners to track their garments throughout the supply chain by unique numbers on each label. 

This system not only reduces counterfeiting and over runs. It also helps you in monitoring your licensees and the collection of royalties.

With this system, manufacturers can only buy labels for the exact quantity of the garment order they received from the brand owner. 

At Dizayn Etiket, we design and develop high quality products, and we maintain sufficient stock to ensure you can benefit from fast delivery; we also provide a secure B2B web based system for brand owners and their manufacturers. 

We’ll be very happy to provide a tailored solution to you that match your needs by using our flexible system.